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Overview: The Bay Village Green Team is a group of volunteer Bay Village residents who meet quarterly to discuss sustainability issues for Bay Village and to plan for upcoming projects. We work with the Mayor and City Council to develop and implement plans that will make Bay Village a more sustainable community. All residents are welcome to participate. The team is working in the areas of general sustainability, waste management, environment and energy, transportation, organic foods and communications / education.

Purpose: The air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the food that we consume, can all be impacted by the choices that we make in our daily lives. The consequences of some of these choices can affect both current and future generations. With over 100 EPA Superfund sites in the city of Cleveland alone, and many more in surrounding suburbs, our region knows the consequences of unsustainable environmental practices. A significant amount of time and expense has gone into cleaning up these "mistakes" of the past.

Unlike those who led the industrial revolution of the last century, we must make sure that we do not leave a financial and environmental burden to future

generations. It is more prudent to implement sustainable practices now than to deal with the consequences of inaction later. We must reexamine the ways that we produce, consume, and dispose of products. We must also find ways to implement energy conservation techniques into our everyday lives. This site is an effort to connect Bay Village residents with local resources and local information that will help us all live more sustainable and healthy lives.

Founded: 2007

Our Mission Statement: The Bay Village Green Team’s mission is to improve the quality of life by decreasing our city’s environmental footprint. Our vision is for Bay Village to become a model sustainable community for current and future residents.

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