Backyard Composting

Backyard Composting

Overview: Residents are encouraged to become educated on the proper way to compost, then begin to compost yard waste in the back yard. Once the compost is “cooking,” kitchen waste can also be added. Composting in the yard has a pleasant earthy smell when done properly.

Benefits: Decaying food waste in the landfill creates methane gas, which is a contributor to global warming. According to the EPA, Methane gas accounts for around 10% of greenhouse gases released in the U.S. and is 25x more efficient at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. Proper food waste composting significantly reduces or eliminates the release of methane gas and also returns valuable nutrients to the soil rather than burying them in a landfill. Composting is one way for your household to lessen its environmental impact in Bay Village.

Free Seminars: Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District (CCSWD) offers free seminars on how to properly compost in your own backyard and they offer supplies for sale. Visit for more information.

Free Composting Guide: CCSWD offers a free digital copy of the Backyard Compost Guide. A direct link to that guide is here:

Click for the Backyard Composting Guide

Bay Village Ordinance Regarding Composting on Your Property

From 1344.04 (c)(10):

Compost piles. Nothing in this chapter shall be so construed as to prevent persons from creating and maintaining a compost pile or piles as permitted by Health Department regulations provided such materials are not stored in quantities or locations prohibited by any other provision of this Code. All such compost materials shall:

A. Not be visible from the street;

B. Not constitute a public nuisance or nuisance to neighbors;

C Not create a health or fire hazard;

D. Not be stored in the front or side yards;

E Be stored at least five feet off the property line;

F. Be permitted if the compost pile or piles are enclosed by a harrier not to exceed four feet in height;

G. Not be in excess of one percent of the square footage of the lot or 75 feet, whichever is less; and

H. Not impede any natural watercourse or drainage runoff from property or any adjoining property.