Drop-Off Food Waste Composting

Drop-Off Food Waste Composting - Located at Bay Lodge at Bradley Park

You must sign up below to utilize this service operated by Rustbelt Riders. Cost is $10.00 per month and you may bring as many or as few food-scraps as are produced on a weekly basis. All food waste MUST be placed inside the locked green bins or else we risk losing this site hosted by the city. The green locked drop-off bins are located in the northeast corner of the Bay Lodge parking lot next to the dumpsters. You will receive a code to unlock the bins once you sign up for the service. Bay Lodge is adjacent to St. Barnabas Church and Bradley Park and can be accessed by turning into the first driveway south of Wolf Rd., on Bradley Road, on the west side of the street. A second location is available in Reese Park, on Clague Rd., with locking bins located in the parking lot behind the tennis courts.

The signup link is here: Compost Drop Off — Rust Belt Riders: Feed People, Not Landfills

Rust Belt Riders recommends using a 5-gallon bucket lined with a brown paper bag to collect your scraps in at home and encourages weekly drop-off. Upon signing up, participating members will receive a 4-digit code in their welcome email that can be used to open the padlocks securing the lid of the collection container.

Their program can collect all food-scraps and any BPI-Certified compostable product (Biodegradable Products Institute - What Are Certified Compostable Products? (bpiworld.org)) . This includes raw and cooked foods, animal products, and bones. They do not accept pure liquid, pure oil or non BPI-Certified compostable products. A general rule of thumb for understanding what is an appropriate material is that if it is or was food, it can be included in the bin. Feel free to take a look at their web-app, Better Bin, for a complete list of acceptable materials. To access the free app, an account will need to be created, which takes less than 30 seconds to do. In the Better Bin app (Betterbin) you can search specific items to discover if they are acceptable and if they are not listed, you can request your item for review.

Rustbelt Riders is looking forward to partnering with Bay Village to increase the amount of organic material diverted from the landfill. Please review their FAQ page (FAQ — Rust Belt Riders: Feed People, Not Landfills) to look for answers to any questions you may have. All unanswered questions can be directed to support@rustbeltriders.com.

Why is food waste composting more sustainable?

Decaying food waste in the landfill creates methane gas, which is a contributor to global warming. According to the EPA, Methane gas accounts for around 10% of greenhouse gases released in the U.S. and is 25x more efficient at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. Composting is one way for your household to lessen its environmental impact in Bay Village.