Switch To Renewable

Green Your House - Switch to Renewable Energy

Switch Your Electric Supplier to a 100% Renewable Energy Option:

In the state of Ohio, switching electricity suppliers at any time to a 100% renewable option is easy by following the simple instructions below. Keep in mind that doing so may result in an early termination fee if you are in an existing contract with an electricity supplier. You can call the electricity generator listed on your electric bill to find out if you are under contract. Switching suppliers will not change your billing. That will still come from The Illuminating Company / First Energy, but will include the charges from whichever electricity generator you choose (the bill is composed of two charges, one for the generation and transmission and one for local distribution of the electricity. The distribution and billing will always be handled by The Illuminating Company / First Energy, but the generator of your electricity is your choice). Autopay, if you have it set up, will not be affected either.

  1. Go to Energy Choice Ohio www.energychoice.ohio.gov click on COMPARE OFFERS NOW

  2. Click on ELECTRIC

  3. Click on RESIDENTIAL and then select your service provider.

  4. On the Apples to Apples to Comparison Chart, select The Illuminating Company, and filter for 75% - 100% renewable content by using the left-hand panel. (Note that you must click the Filter Results button after selecting the percentage of renewable content)

  5. Compare plans, paying attention to rate (variable or fixed), early termination fees, and contract length.

  6. At bottom of page, click on FAQs -->Steps to Switching OR just go to http://www.energychoice.ohio.gov/Pages/Steps%20to%20Switching.aspx

NOTE: More information on the City of Bay Village's existing electric aggregation program can be found in the link below. This is the program that residents of Bay Village are automatically enrolled into if they did not choose to opt-out and go with another supplier of electricity, like the 100% renewable options that we are highlighting above. The city's supplier is not currently 100% renewable. The Bay Village Green Team continues to advocate for the city's aggregate plan to be upgraded to 100% renewable when the existing agreement with Energy Harbor expires in November of 2022 https://www.cityofbayvillage.com/268/Electric

The diagram below shows Bay residents the three ways in which our electricity generation can be chosen, depending on whether you opt-out of the city's electric aggregation or not. The instructions above are walking you through the third option in the diagram below, allowing you to choose a 100% renewable electricity generator.