What to do with Old Trash Cans?

What can I do with my Old Trash Cans?

    • A Habitat for Humanity Drop Off is scheduled for 9AM to 5 PM at the Bay Village Police Department Parking Lot on Saturday, September 17, 2011.
    • Cans may also be dropped off anytime during store hours at Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity's ReStore located at 2110 W. 110th St., Cleveland, OH 44102 (between Western and Berea Rds). Exit at W. 117 if driving from Bay Village on I90 East. See http://www.clevelandhabitat.org/Restore/ or call 216-429-3631 ext. 238 for hours and details. Most donations are tax deductible. The cans are sold by Habitat to help fund their mission of eliminating poverty housing in Cleveland.

1. Donate those in good shape to Habitat for Humanity (must be clean)

2. Donate those that are blue and in good shape to the Bay Schools

3. Keep 1-2 bins for excess trash that will be picked up monthly. If you label the can "YARD WASTE" it can be used to place compostable yard waste on the tree lawn for curbside pick up. This way you do not need to buy the brown compostable bags for the yard waste. "Yard Waste Only" stickers, seen in the photo below, can be purchased from the Bay Village Green Team for $1.50. Contact us at bayvillagegreenteam@gmail.com to arrange a purchase or pick one up for $1.50 at city hall during business hours (Monday - Friday).

4. Re-purpose them into compost containers. This is a great way to use a can that has holes, as holes are needed to aerate the compost.

5. Re-purpose as a backyard digester for food scraps and pet waste. Watch this video for more information on creating one yourself. http://vimeo.com/15752957.

6. If all else fails, recycle them with a local metal or plastic recycler. Chances are the metal or plastic can be recycled (generally not curbside). The cans must be clean when delivered for recycling.

    • Contact Nancy Richey at 440-617-7300 or nancy.richey@bayschoolsohio.org if you wish to donate