Protect Our Waters

Green Your House - Protect Our Waters

Protect Lake Erie, our Streams, and our Aquatic Ecosystem By:

  • Not Flushing Prescription Drugs and Medicines Down the Toilet – unless the label specifically indicates that as the only proper disposal method. Wastewater treatment facilities cannot adequately filter these medicines out of sewage before it is dumped into the lake. Therefore, it has the potential to contaminate drinking water supplies. Instead, follow the FDA guidelines for proper medicine disposal found here:
  • Installing Low Flow Shower Heads - Take advantage of the Columbia Gas rebates. Columbia Gas offers low flow shower heads and programmable thermostats at reduced costs. They also offer rebates if you purchase qualified models on your own. Both upgrades help you use energy more efficiently. This translates directly into dollars saved. Check out your Columbia Gas rebate options and subsidized purchase options here:
  • Installing an Alternative to Low-Flow Shower Heads - If you don’t want a low flow shower head, you may like this simple and green alternative. Instead, add a flow control valve to your existing shower head for under $15. This will allow you to vary the amount of water flow while showering. Dial the valve to save water when appropriate. Check your local hardware store for this flow control valve or buy it here: