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Bike Bay


Biking is not only for recreation. It can also be a mode of transportation that can replace your car for many local errands. Substituting a bike for a car not only reduces pollutants within our own city, but it also can improve your health by the additional exercise that you obtain through the activity. Exercise has been shown to help maintain a healthy body weight, reduces stress, reduces depression, and increase your feeling of well being. The improved health may help keep you out of the doctor's office, thereby saving you from expensive medical bills.

Ohio Biking Laws:

Bay Village Bike laws replicate state laws. A summary can be found here:

Lane Placement for Bikers:

Bikers must also ride to the right in most situations. Do not, however ride so far to the right that you put yourself in danger of hitting the curb if you have to avoid an object on the road. It is best to ride where the right tire of a car would normally be on the road. This forces drivers to safely pass you and gives you room to safely avoid objects and potholes in the road. The added safety comes from the fact that riding in this zone allows one to swerve right to avoid hazards instead of swerving left into passing traffic. Riding too close to the curb encourages passing drivers to "squeeze" by you. This creates a dangerous situation for everyone and prevents you from being able to avoid road hazards.

Bicycle Safety Tips:

Other Tips:

  • Make sure to safety check your bicycle before each ride.

  • Proper tire pressure makes the ride much easier.

  • There is also a big difference between bikes when it comes to riding efficiency. You are much more likely to bike if it is easy. If you become a serious rider, you may want to look into getting a more efficient bicycle. Start at a local bike shop, where they should be able to guide you to a properly fitting bike appropriate for your desired type of riding.

Bay Bike to School Challenge:

Every year, Century Cycles sponsors the Bay Bike to School Challenge. Hundreds of students log thousands of miles on their bikes. Read more about it here and join if you are a student:

Mapping your Route:

You may wish to utilize the county bike map or try using Google Maps to map the most efficient bikeable routes to your destination