Cleveland Indians Green Team 2018 Volunteer Signup

Cleveland Indians Green Team 2018 Volunteer Signup

Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteering is fun and you get to watch the game for free in an exciting environment. We are stationed around the lower deck, so the view is great!
  • Meet other amazing people who volunteer and possibly make new friends.
  • Make an educational impact by your presence at the event. Increase fan awareness of recycling opportunities.
  • Interact in a positive way with fans.
  • It helps reduce waste going to the landfill and increases recycling.
  • Financial donations will be made by the Cleveland Indians to the Bay Village Green Team for our participation. Because the Bay Village Green Team is a 100% volunteer-operated 501c3 nonprofit, all the funds will go back into the Bay Village community to make our city a healthier and more sustainable place to live.

What is Expected of you?

  • The Cleveland Indians Green Team is a volunteer group that will pass through the aisles at the bottom of each inning to collect recyclables (plastic bottles, cups, and aluminum cans) from fans at Progressive Field. We only collect recyclables, not trash. Each volunteer will be given collection bags and gloves when they arrive for their volunteer night.
  • When not collecting, you will be stationed at the top of your section(s), standing while on duty, but able to watch the game. No seating is provided to volunteers.
  • Volunteers should avoid being in the aisles when the game is in play.
  • Volunteers are prohibited from drinking alcohol while on duty at Progressive Field. Those who choose to break this rule will be immediately removed from the stadium by security. You are free to be a regular fan after the shift ends after you have turned in your volunteer shirt at the conclusion of the 6th inning.
  • A background check will be performed by the Cleveland Indians prior to the game. Please note that this must be submitted yearly and must be completed before you volunteer for the season. (see info below)
  • An individual picture must be submitted in order for the Indians to make a security ID badge for each volunteer. (see info below)
  • Meet at the designated entrance at the time specified in your volunteer night to receive your Cleveland Indians identification badge and assigned section. Arrive before the start of the game and volunteer through the 6th inning.
  • No concealed carry weapons are allowed. You will go through a metal detector to gain entrance to the stadium.

How to Sign Up?

  • SIGN UP USING THE GOOGLE FORMS LINKS BELOW. Filling out the form(s) in the links below is a firm commitment.
  • If you plan to volunteer at any time during this season, do the following:
    • BACKGROUND CHECK Click on this link and follow the directions. Required yearly by MLB. ***there has been some delay with this process - please do not wait on this to sign up for the games, you will be admitted as long as you have signed up for a date.
    • Picture for security ID. If you have sent this in previous years (or with another volunteer group), you do NOT need to submit this again. Simply take a Selfie with your phone and email it to with the subject line: Green Team Volunteer and your full name

Other Things to Know?

  • A parking pass for the employee lot will be provided, but you are encouraged to carpool or take public transportation. Be aware that employee parking is limited and fills early. Be prepared to find alternate parking if you drive.
  • The first 20 volunteers to sign up for each day will be accepted.
  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.
  • You are welcome to volunteer for more than one game.
  • Those who volunteer during the regular season will be invited first to volunteer for the playoff games (and hopefully the World Series games). Should post season games occur, sign-ups will be sent out according to number of games volunteered until all slots are filled.

Volunteer Sign-Up Links (click the desired date)